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2016-02-18 19:16:50 by PeterChalmers

new here, just started digital artwork a couple of months back so nothing mind blowing yet, ill post up some of my artwork n see what peeps think, im looking forward to checkin this place out n talkin to fellow artists. I gotta credit Jazza studios as the reason i am here, his tutorials are awesome! :D


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2016-02-19 18:31:21

Hiya! Welcome to NG! Looking forward to what mind-blowing artistries you might be posting later on, so far it's looking promising. :)

Seems he's the reason a lot of people are here lately. Skimming through the unscouted art the past few days it seems at least half of everything is for that Deadpool/Harley contest, and most of those by new users. It's incredible. You've got some competition! ;)

PeterChalmers responds:

Hey! thanks for the warm welcome man :D

Ye Jazza is epic i'v learned alot from his videos. I normaly shy from competition but i want to improve as an artist and seeing everyone elses artwork is so inspirational :D


2016-02-20 09:52:22

Competitions definitely make you make better things than you might think you could make. :) And collaborations! Great ways to get involved. True that. :)


2016-03-21 01:47:11

Welcome aboard, I hope this place is to your liking.